Culturales E Históricas

Mazatlán is a tourist destination that offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. Mazatlán is a city with a rich history and culture, and has a large number of monuments and tourist attractions to visit.

The Cathedral

Considered the most beautiful cathedral in Mexico’s Northwest, the Basilica de La Inmaculada Concepcion is Mazatlán’s crown jewel, a magnificent tribute to faith in the heart of downtown.
However, the cathedral’s most awe-inspiring attraction is its extraordinary organ, built in Paris by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. According to local legend, it was first played on May 17, 1899 to the delight of Mazatlán’s churchgoers.
Construction began on the Basilica de La Inmaculada Concepcion in 1875, and was
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Centro de Innovación Cultural Mazatlán

CICMA is a center that seeks to position innovation and learning as the ideal ways to contribute to development, offering spaces and programs to promote cultural, educational, tourist and social innovation in our state.
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La Casa del caracol

In the heart of the Historic District is La Casa del Caracol, a space for reading and imagination where children and adults develop their literacy skills while interacting with thought-provoking art.
Opened in 2004 with the intention of inspiring locals to read, La Casa del Caracol today organizes three adult reading clubs and a monthly film club. Come summer, a variety of children’s courses are offered, covering topics like the history of dinosaurs and the origins of the solar system, among ot
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Archaeological Museum

Mazatlán’s Archaeological Museum offers a historical perspective of regional culture through archaeological pieces and historic photographs, transporting its visitors back in time to the roots of Mazatlecan culture.
Opened in 1988, the Archaeological Museum features antiquities, clothing, weapons, ceramics, and tools utilized by the ancestors who inhabited these lands, as well as accounts of their diverse customs. Showcasing a wealth of artifacts that characterized the cultures that flourished
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Art Museum

The Art Museum of Mazatlán, previously known as the Cultural Center, was established in November of 1998 and is located on the corner of Sixto Osuna and Venustiano Carranza Streets, one block from the famous Olas Altas Boulevard and across the street from the Archaeological Museum. Housed in a historical building, it bears the same striking architectural style as the other structures in the area.
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Observatorio Mazatlán 1873

Take a step into history througth a funicular ride. Admire the grandeur of the port from the top of Cerro del Vigía where you will live a trip to the past inside one of the oldest buildings in the city, where at the same time you Will share the pleasure of knowing traditions in the mezcal process and being part of nature participating in the conservation of rescued birds in a space of care and educaction. Live it and create an incomparable memory!
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Machado Square

One of the city’s most beautiful spaces, Machado Square is the heartbeat of the Historic District, and the epicenter of Mazatlán’s cultural renaissance. Refined restaurants, buzzing coffee houses, and the iconic Ángela Peralta Theater rim the perimeter of a lush public park, where locals and visitors have gathered daily for close to two centuries. Built in 1837, it is a testament both to Mazatlán’s colonial history and its contemporary sophistication.
Located between Constitución and Sixto Osun

Ángela Peralta Theater

This majestic cultural and historical site has stood the test of time and has endured to once again take “center stage” with all its glamour and grace as one of the most important theater venues in the Northwest of Mexico.
The Ángela Peralta Theater – originally named Teatro Rubio – first opened its doors on February 14, 1874, though it wasn’t officially inaugurated until February 6, 1881, on its completion. Once inaugurated, the theater enjoyed an era of grand splendor, until a fateful evening
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